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We, Prabahvi Biotech and Trading pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading company in Agriculture and Horticulture sector Established in 2011, its based in bhopal (M.P) and in way to expand business in international level.

We offers turnkey projects on agriculture cultivation the basic function of the company is development of protected cultivation of various horticulture and floriculture crops in indian sub continent presently the company is in to manufacturing and erection of various types of greenhouse and nrt house which is a part of protected cultivation. The company is going to spread its hands in developmemt of marketing chains for fruits, vegetables, flowers through out Asia and Europe. It is also going to export vegetables grown under protected greenhouse agriculture, contract farming with the farmers who are already growing crops in greenhouse and market the agriculture and horticulture produce in organized form in order to give proper prices to the farmers and provides the solutions for protected cultivation of various crops such as Rose, Ginger, Gerbera, Capsicum, Tomato and cucumber etc.
Our projects spread all over the country and many successful projects on overseas soil are self explanatory to prove the technical & managerial puality & expertise of Prabhavi Biotech and Trading pvt. Ltd.
We are having our Business Networks at national and international level, for the green house Accessories like, G.I. Pipe, G.I. Clamp, Insect nets, Shed nets, Alumininum/G.I. Profile, Trough and Collectors, Coco peat, Plastic films, Fertigation system etc.

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