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Drippers are used for online drip irrigation system. Each of our Dripper is designed to suit difficult soil conditions, water needs of various crops, difficult water quality and numerous requirements of agriculture.

Innovative design, precision molding, use of quality raw material and stringent quality tests are the key factors behind the sustainable and efficient performance of our online dripper for Drip Irrigation. Narrow cross shaped inlet acts as a filter and colored cap represents flow rate and facilitates easy identification.



  • To irrigate the plant in root zone.
  • To irrigate the back soil, to prevent the water less through run-off.
  • To irrigate the sandy soil to prevent the water less through percolation.
  • To irrigate the plant in required quantity of water.


Prabhavi Biotech brand emitters are produced from engineering plastics and from the material, which do not support the growth of algae, & bacteria. Plastics part of the emitter, that are exposed to light is opaque and protected against the UV degradation.

Main features of Drippers

  • Easy to open, easy to close, No tools required
  • Easy to clean, just open the dripper and hold labyrinth in jet of water. For cleaning, no needs of closing the system or removing the dripper form lateral.
  • Clog resistant design with unique wide turbulent flow path.
  • No leakage, excellent sealing, uniform discharge even after constant use.
  • Resistant to all commonly used fertilizers and UV rays.
  • Law profile construction to avoid mechanical damage in the field.