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Drippers are made up form tough engineering plastics, with UV inhibitors, and factory sealed to maintain precise / uniform flows and available in 2,4 & 8/ LPH Capacity. We are offering the worldwide unmatched performance under the most challenging condition. It also possess / compare the Indian standard mark.


branded drippers / emitters are used in irrigation system which are installed in different type of soil. It also use

  • To irrigate the plant in root zone.
  • To irrigate the back soil, to prevent the water less through run-off.
  • To irrigate the sandy soil to prevent the water less through percolation.
  • To irrigate the plant in required quantity of water.


Om brand emitters are produced from engineering plastics and from the material, which do not support the growth of algae, & bacteria. Plastics part of the emitter, that are exposed to light is opaque and protected against the UV degradation.

Main features of drippers:

  • Easy to open, easy to close, No tools required
  • Easy to clean, just open the dripper and hold labyrinth in jet of water. For cleaning, no needs of closing the system or removing the dripper form lateral.
  • Clog resistant design with unique wide turbulent flow path.
  • No leakage, excellent sealing, uniform discharge even after constant use.
  • Resistant to all commonly used fertilizers and UV rays.
  • Law profile construction to avoid mechanical damage in the field.

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