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Poly House

We offer a comprehensive range of options to add to your choice of Polyhouse framework, to give you the ideal growing environment for your crop. The Polyhouse steel framework kit includes foundation tubes, hoops, ridge and bracing as well as all necessary fittings including fittings for attaching timber end frames. Double or twin skinning of Polyhouses offers 50% energy savings. The Polyhouse is clad in the usual way, but with two sheets of film rather than one. The inner sheet should be kept tight and the outer can be clad slightly slack. The Fordingbridge grip rail system is purpose designed to accept one or two films with purpose designed infills. It is advised that a ground rail of some type is always used with twin skin coverings otherwise the sheets can work their way out of the ground. A Polyhouse can be readily changed from single to twin cladding whenever required.

Polyhouse cultivation is known as isolated, intensiveand protective cultivation, which results in a quality crop produce ,which has a high demand in local and overseas market. Normally the people can recover the investment within 2 ½ - 3 years.